Lighthouse Server

The Lighthouse Server is a Go binary that reads messages from a queue and runs Google Lighthouse reports against themes, then sends the results back to the Tide API.


Command Description
$ make Builds the Lighthouse Server Docker image.
$ make lighthouse.up Starts the Lighthouse Server in isolation.
$ make Combines the previous two steps.
$ make lighthouse.down Takes the isolated Lighthouse Server down.


Variable Description
LH_CONCURRENT_AUDITS Sets the number of goroutines the server will perform concurrently. Default is 5.
LH_MESSAGE_PROVIDER Queue audit messages using the local MongoDB, Google Cloud Firestore, or AWS SQS. Must be one of: local, firestore, sqs. Default is local.
LH_STORAGE_PROVIDER Upload reports to the local file system, Google Cloud Storage, or AWS S3. Must be one of: local, gcs, s3. Default is local.
LH_TEMP_FOLDER Sets the temporary folder inside the container used to store downloaded files. Default is /tmp.

Running audits

Details on running Lighthouse audits are available in the Tide wiki.