We're using ZenHub to manage Tide and you will need to install the ZenHub Browser Extension to see our agile board. Feel free to view our backlog on GitHub. The following items are not an exhaustive list but are currently planned as part of the upcoming Tide roadmap. This page is evolving and expect to see more changes soon.

Tide version 1.0.0

Agile Board: ( v1.0.0 )

  • Goal: Provides better SDKs for open source contributors to utilize in coding further Go solutions for Tide on GCP
  • Goal: Provides easier integration point (via Webhook/HTTP Listener) for .ORG
  • Goal: Provides documentation and working examples of Tide to help developers and contributors better utilize and improve Tide via demonstration website.
  • Goal: Begins integration on .ORG (via PHP Compatability results) and first step in actually improving the quality of code on 30% of the web.