Install Composer and test if it works by running composer --version.


Install Docker. Note: you may not be able to setup and run Tide properly with legacy Docker Toolbox.


Install Go and test if your installation works by following the instructions on the installation page.


Install Glide, a package manager for Go. There are a few ways to install Glide:

  • Use the shell script to try an automatically install it. curl | sh
  • Download a versioned release. Glide releases are semantically versioned.
  • Use a system package manager to install Glide. For example, brew install glide can be used if you're using Homebrew on Mac.
  • The latest development snapshot can be installed with go get. For example, go get -u This is not a release version.


Install Make for Windows (Windows only)

  • The make command is not available on Windows by default and you must install it to be able to use the Tide make commands.
  • Add C:\zlib\bin to your $PATH once you've install the package.